Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RHEL 5.5 Released

Yea guys, the Red Hat Inc. has launched its 5th iteration of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, RHEL 5.5 on March 29, 2010. There is no doubt that it would be a great release.

Added Hardware support in RHEL 5.5
It features support for modern Intel Nehalem EX, AMD Opteron 6000 amd IBM Power 7 processor based servers. These processors above specified are the promissing releases from said vendors. Intel has just released the Nehalam EX series in the same week and the other two, AMD Opteron 6000 series and Power 7 from IBM were released in last February 2010. Opteron 6000 series processosr boasts of 12 cores and IBM has equipped their Power7 with eight cores.

Virtualization Enhancements in RHEL 5.5

This release provides remarkable number of virtualization enhancements. It allows quiet a large number of virtual machines to be deplayed in a single server. Support for large memmory systems has coped the RHEL 5.5 for this and also for running a number of memory intensive applications. The update release also support "Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)" offers the guest machines (virtual machines) an improved capability to share teh PCI hardware resources. SR-IOV also enables more efficient access to I/O devices.

Tim Burke, the VP of Platform Engineering at Red Hat Inc. says, a guest OS operating inside a KVM or Xen hipervisor embedded in RHEL 5.5 can utilize the whole capacity of a 10 Gigabit ethernet adaptor card. Burke also claims that RHEL 5.5 is the only hypervisor environment that can saturate a 10 Gb Ethernet card. Hmmm.. but it wont last long because RHEL is an Open Source OS!!!!!!!

Need more???? RHEL 5.5 can run a woophing count of 32 physical processor cores and upto 512 GB of memory on a KVM or Xen guest. The bare RHEL 5.5 support upto 1 TB of physical memory and can support well beyond the current top-end 64 sockets delivered today in eight-way Xeon 7500 systems. The theoretical maximum number of threads it can support is 32000, which is well beyond any other server manufacturers can offer. It has also figured out to do 512 core NUMA systems for Itanium chips.

Never to mention this release RHEL 5.5 also includes the full set of bug fixes and security patchessince RHEL 5.4 came out last september.

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