Saturday, December 4, 2010

Install linux in a pendrive.

Install Linux in pen drive
Yea guys, this time I will show you how to install a Linux distribution in your pen drive. You can use this how-to install almost all the Linux distributions including Ubuntu, fedora, CentOS, Debian, KNOPPIX and much more.

What you need:
  • Universal USB Installer tool.
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 to create the USB (Win 98/2K WILL NOT Work! 
  • Fat32 Formatted Flash Drive, 
  • Your Favorite Linux ISO
And of course a PC supporting USB booting to boot from your pen drive.

You can download the Universal USB Installer tool from this link: Download USB Installer.
The Universal USB Installer is a Live Linux USB creator which allows you to choose from a list of Linux distributions and install it in your pen drive. It also allows you to download the required Linux distribution.
The process is just a piece of cake, just run the tool, select your distribution, browse to the distribution, select the flash drive and click install.
The USB Linux installation process in detail.

1. Download the Universal USB Installer tool,

2. Run the tool,

3. Select the live Linux distribution of your choice, if you do not have the USO file you can download if by clicking “Download the ISO”.

4. Browse to the ISO file,

5. Select your flash drive,

6. Select the other features like Persistence (if available) and format flash drive.

The persistence option will allows you to save files and settings to your pendrive. Also it is recommended to format the pen drive for maximum compatibility.

7. Click create. Voila you are done.

Installation will take some time. Be patient.
After the process is completed you can boot from it to your favorite linux distribution.
NOTE: If your distribution is not listed you can use "Try some other Live Linux distribution" form the distribution selection drop box.
Currently supported Linux distributions:

• Linux Mint 10

• Finnix Linux

• MCNLive

• Sabayon Linux

• Ubuntu 10.04.1/10.10 Desktop i386/amd64

• Kubuntu 10.04.1/10.10 Desktop i386/amd64

• Xubuntu 10.04/10.10 Desktop i386/amd64

• Lubuntu 10.04/10.10

• Ubuntu NetBook Remix 10.04/10.10

• Ubuntu Rescue Remix

• Ubuntu Server 10.04/10.10 32bit/64bit Installer

• Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04

• Sugar on a Stick

• Arch Linux


• ZenWalk Live

• PCLinuxOS MiniMe

• TinyCore 3

• CentOS 5

• Fedora 14

• Redo Backup and Recovery 0.9.5

• Runt Linux 5.0

• Feather Linux 0.7.5

• Debian Live 5.0.5

• Peppermint Linux OS

• GParted 0.6.1-2

• PartedMagic 5.1

• EasyPeasy 1.6 (NetBook Distro)

• KNOPPIX V6.2.1

• DBAN 2.2.6 (Hard Disk Nuker)

• RIP Linux 10.x

• Dr.Web Live CD Scanner 5.03

• Lucid Puppy 5.0.1

• BackTrack 3 and 4

• YlmF OS V3.0

• Linux Mint 9

• Crunchbang 9.04

• gOS 3.1 gadgets

• Ultimate Boot CD

• Gentoo 10.1

• xPUD 0.9.2

• Simply MEPIS 8.0.15

• EEEBuntu 3.0 (Netbook Distro)

• DSL (Damn Small Linux) 4.4.9

• Puppy Linux

• Puppy Arcade 8 (Console Game Emulator)

• Kiwi Linux 9.04

• SLAX 6.1.2

• SliTaZ

• Ophcrack XP

• Clonezilla

• Jolicloud (NetBook Distro)

• Dynebolic 2.5.2 DHORUBA

• PLoP Linux 4.0.5 (a minimalist Linux Rescue System)

• System Rescue CD 1.5.4 (another Linux Rescue System)

Good luck guys, see you soon!!!

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